Questions On My Mind

1. The first question has been on my mind since the September 11th attacks, and that is--

Q- What are the aspects of United States culture, society, and foreign policy that are legitimate cause for re-action from non-American countries? I do not mean 'Is there justification for killing thousands of innocent people', my question has to do with the legitimacy of the re-action, not the action itself.. I hope this makes sense....

2. The second question has to do with a BBC news article that was posted late Saturday night, PST, concerning UK Major General Tim Cross, an officer that was a part of the post-war planning, who told the 'Sunday Mirror' that US policy was "fatally flawed" (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/6974611.stm):

Q-- Doesn't the United States of America need the rest of the world to help understand itself from an outside perspective?


Stefanie said...

I recommend reading Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins. Has some ideas in regards to both questions, and is an interesting fairly easy read.

Random that I'm reading your blog...I just saw that you updated your profile on facebook and it said to read your blog, so I thought why not...

Sweet that this comment form is in Spanish...is it like that for everyone or does this website somehow recognize me and put it in Spanish?

sean patrick cox said...

i stumbled upon your blog and i am excited to read your thoughts and ideas. i hope you continue to write. hopefully, we could bounce ideas back and forth through blogging! (so emergent, haha)
i am off to argentina next week. take care and ill be keeping in touch through this.


Anonymous said...

Brett Stuvland - if you see this comment and you are related to Alex and Brad and Craig and Barbara and David, the children of Alan and Marge, please contact me - My name is Michael Childs and I may be your relative. You can reach me at childservice@comcast.net.